Cyclo ssage Therapy

We are delighted to introduce The Cyclo-ssage System to the Tendring area.
The Cyclo-ssage System is a medically approved device which incorporates
nine massage units to produce a non invasive action known as Cycloidal
Massage, targeting six different zones in the body; the neck, shoulders,
lumbar, hips, hands and feet. The system has been designed to achieve deep
tissue and muscle activity; relieving aches and pains associated with many
conditions – or alternatively it may be simply used as a form of relaxation. Many of our customers have already enjoyed the effects and experience from the Cyclo-ssage.




The cyclo-ssage has been shown to help with symptoms of the following conditions;

Back Pain Rheumatoid Arthritis Stress, Sciatica Insomnia and Migraines Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue/ME Parkinson’s Disease Neck and Shoulder Pain Osteoarthritis  Multiple Sclerosis Oedema and Lymphedema Diabetes Plantar Fasciitis.

Ask your therapist about a FREE 15 minute treatment on the Cyclo-ssage