Frinton Hypnotherapy

David Garner DHP, LAPHP, LLB (Hons), BA (Hons),



He can help you with:

​Deep Relaxation Coping with Anxiety and Stress Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem Quitting Smoking Improved Weight Management Coping with Pain Exam/Driving Test/Public Speaking Nerves Improved Sleeping Fears and Phobias Sports Performance Improved Concentration Self-hypnosis…and much more


For more details see David’s website at dovercourt-hypnotherapy.co.uk



Read some of David’s Clients’ Testimonial


“Before coming to Dave for hypnotherapy my anxiety levels were so high I didn’t know how I was going to leave the house each morning…I had no self-belief or sense of self-worth …After the hypnotherapy sessions I am now enjoying my life again. Thank you for what you’ve done for me, Dave” –  SM


“I have been seeing David for a few months now for both relaxation and short-term pain relief and I cannot praise him enough for the help and relief he has given me…by helping me ease my pain so I could get restful sleep. I’ve now had an operation, but without David I don’t know how I would have coped” – JM


“The course of hypnotherapy I have had has made an amazing difference to my way of life. David made me feel so very relaxed and positive. I will continue with hypnotherapy with him every few months, as I find it has helped me in so many more ways than just the weight-loss that I initially wanted help with…and I have lost over 2 stones!” – KB


​”When David suggested trying a course of hypnotherapy via Skype, I was intrigued if rather sceptical about its effectiveness. In short I am very, very pleased to have been proved entirely wrong! The course has boosted my self-confidence and determination, enabling me to focus on achieving my goals; with the added benefit of feeling calmer and more empowered” – TB


“David has been such a support through a difficult time. He is so naturally concerned and keen to help, using his talents. He is a natural hypnotist and his voice is reassuring and effective. I look forward to my sessions and he is making me stronger, so I feel that I can cope with whatever life throws at me next. Thank you David!” – JP


​Thank you for helping me with my anxiety about driving. Since my session I have been driving one hour a day to my new job and I drove for one and a half hours tonight, and I was fine. I have been listening to the recording you made for me and although I don’t fancy the M25 soon, I’m really OK. Thanks for your help, it has really been invaluable – KS



For an appointment or enquiries please contact The Old Road Clinic in Frinton-on-Sea or email David direct via his website www.dovercourt-hypnotherapy.co.uk, or on 07534 953830