We Welcome Two New Exciting Therapists to the Old Road Clinic

Exciting news from the Old Road Clinic__


Introducing Aimee Nunn Nutritionist and Reiki Therapist.
I caught up with Aimee and asked her a few questions.
Q, What got you interested in Nutrition ?

A.Hi my name is Aimee and I am the nutritionist at The Old Road Clinic. I first got into nutrition due to my own health where I was suffering terribly with gut issues. Stomach cramps, diarrhoea, fatigue, lack of energy were my symptoms and I was only in my 20s! How could I be so tired all the time..?? I’m Young! Then I began to notice a pattern of certain foods I ate that caused these symptoms and started to look at my diet. I began to eat more healthy, get adequate sleep, drink more water and really started to look after myself. That’s when my energy levels came back and my stomach cramps started to disappear. When I spoke to friends and family about my changes and how much better I felt they started asking me questions about what they should eat and if they could have a recipe for a meal I cooked.
Q. What made you decide to take this further ?
A,This led me on to finding a nutrition course and pursuing this as a career, and I’m so glad I did! Helping people heal is so rewarding and once you understand food and how it can benefit your body but also make you sick, it really opens your mind to take care of yourself and nourish your body to better health.
Q, Can you give us a few tips for the newsletter Aimee
A, Yes here are my 5 Top Tips of Nutrition
Drink Water! So many of my clients say they probably have a glass or two a day and this really isn’t enough! Especially as we are a tea drinking nation. Tea, in the right doses, is beneficial for us but it can also make us dehydrated. I recommend drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water a day.
Eat more fruits and vegetables! Forget 5 a day, try 10 a day. If you struggle with fruit and veg already then start slow and build yourself up. I like to have a least 3 different fruits for breakfast, I add vegetables to my lunch, cherry tomatoes or carrots sticks instead of crisps, and I always ensure I add extra veg to my dinners, even with something as simple as spaghetti bolognaise, I add peppers, mushrooms, courgettes and sometimes spinach! I like to season my food with a squeeze of lemon juice and desserts can be fruit and yoghurt.
Make more satisfying meals! I used to hate cooking but the more I cooked good, healthy meals the more I enjoyed it and now I love to make new recipes. I always include protein, healthy fats and carbs into every meal so it feels me up and stops me snacking and craving naughty foods.
Plan your meals! I found that when I plan my dinners each week I know what to buy in the supermarket, this saves money and food wastage, but also allows me to batch cook for lunches, have food for out and about and not have too much food in the fridge incase we are eating out that week or have an event to go to.
Sleep! Although this is not food related I cannot express enough how getting adequate sleep will improve your health. It not only helps your mind to function better but your body too! Our bodily systems need to switch off and rest and whilst you sleep your body undergoes some serious maintenance work and the less you sleep, the less this gets done causing stress and strain on the body.
Q Finally What are you offering at our Frinton clinic ?.
A, Here at Old Road Clinic I am offering my services on nutritional therapy and intolerance testing.
A nutrition consultation with me will last an hour where we discuss in depth your symptoms, any triggers that you feel may cause them and how we can work with your diet to relieve the discomfort of these symptoms. You will go away with a personalised nutrition plan, recommended supplements and ongoing support from myself.
The intolerance testing will take around 15 minutes and I will send you results the same day. It’s a skin prick blood test where the blood is put into a solution to test against over 40 different food allergens. This will allow you to work on your diet, eliminating triggers and allowing your gut to heal.
Thank you Aimee for taking the time to give us an insight on your skills.


Customer of the Month
Its always good to get a success story from our customers and Gavin had one treatment which included the amazing Medkey medical device
Had an appointment yesterday to see Trevor,
"I walked in with chronic lower back pain… and walked out 45 mins later feeling brand new!
Look no further if you require an amazing Osteopath!"


Special Offer with Amiee

I am offering an introductory offer with a £15 discount off a nutrition consultation and £20 off an intolerance test. If this sounds of interest to you then please get in touch with me at The Old Road Clinic on 01255 679800 or on 07990 743763

Untitled 51 x 76 cm 13 x 9.5 cm

You’re in Good Hands with Tim who has started at our Frinton Clinic.
Here's a short intro to our new Osteopath.
I qualified in 1996 and have continued to regularly attend courses in order to continue my professional development. I am registered with the General Osteopathic Council and the British Osteopathic Association. i have moved to the area from Ongar in Essex with my wife and two children and love the area and i am looking forward to meeting some new and existing customers of the Old Road Clinic.
My experience teaches me that no two back pain sufferers are the same. There are common sites and patterns of pain but overall presentation is always unique to you. A thorough analysis, case history and physical examination allow for an individual treatment plan of action for all of my patients.
We are sure everyone will make Aimee and Tim welcome as they start to help the local community using their individual skills.
Both will prove to be a great asset to what we already offer.

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